Health sleep search sleep sleep disorders treatment sleep better now share free sleep newsletter! Sign up discuss in my forum sleeping disorders list and diagnostic codes conditions include insomnia, parasomnias, and breathing disorders by brandon peters, m. D. get trial pack viagra , about. Com guide updated october 08, 2012 about. Com health's disease and condition content is reviewed by our medical review board see more about: sleeping disorders list sleep disorders insomnia sleep apnea parasomnias do you know how many conditions can interfere with sleep? Believe it or not, there are some 80 different types of sleep disorders. order viagra online Sometimes it's helpful, from a psychological as well as a medical standpoint, to look at the long list of established sleep issues that may be affecting you. viagra long term usage Browse this comprehensive list of sleeping disorders used by doctors, and you may wonder how you were ever able to get any rest at all! viagra long term usage Diagnosis lists like this exist so that the appropriate medical codes can be applied for billing and health insurance purposes, but they also may help you label the problem that is disturbing your ability to sleep and feel refreshed. Insomnias insomnia is defined as a difficulty falling or staying asleep or sleep that is simply not refreshing. It can occur for many reasons. It may be related to poor sleep habits or other medical conditions, including psychiatric problems and drug use. It may occur in children. buy viagra cheap There may not be a clearly identified cause. buy cheap viagra Insomnia is broken up into the following conditions: adjustment sleep disorder (acute insomnia) (307. viagra online without prescription canada 41) psychophysiologic insomnia (307. 42) paradoxical insomnia (formerly sleep state misperception) (307. viagra buy bangalore 42) idiopathic insomnia (307. 42) insomnia due to mental disorder (307. 42) inadequate sleep hygiene (v69. buy generic viagra 4) behavioral insomnia of childhood (307. 42) sleep-onset association type limit-setting sleep type combined type insomnia due to drug or substance (292. cheap viagra 85) insomnia due to medical condition (327. 01) insomnia not due to a substance or known physiologic condition, unspecified (780. 52) physiologic (organic) insomnia, unspecified; (organic insomnia, nos) (327. 00) sleep-related breathing disorders breathing can be profoundly disrupted during sleep. Sleep is a state of unconsciousness. While unconscious, it becomes difficult to keep the airway open and this may lead to conditions like sleep apnea. If the brain fails to initiate a breath, a problem called centr.