N the diagnosis of the primary tumor and the ureteral metastases. Hydronephrosis secondary to ureteral metastases has been observed as long as one hundred ninety-eight months after diagnosis of the primary. overnight usa order viagra online In 21 of the 24 patients ureteral metastases developed more than one year after the diagnosis of breast cancer had been established (2). generic viagra suppliers usa The terms ureteral and periureteral are used interchangeably. cheap generic viagra with free shipping Pathological examination of those ureters studied revealed the process to be one of invasion of periureteral fibroadipose tissue and lymphatics (2). viagra triangle Radiologic diagnosis in addition to the excretory and retrograde pyelographic examinations, all patients had chest films and all but one had at least one skeletal survey during the course of the disease. viagra jellies next day delivery These diagnostic procedures as well as other less frequently employed ones, such as abdominal scout films, gastrointestinal or large bowel studies, yielded evidence both directly and indirectly of the nature and extent of the secondary deposits. viagra online Radiographic evidence of disseminated cancer was apparent in most cases by the time of the initial examination of the urinary tract. online generic viagra Symptomatic evidence of disseminated disease occurred in most, but not all cases by the time the signs and symptoms of the urinary tract disorder had developed. buy generic viagra online The radiological studies of the urinary tract often revealed incidental findings of significance. viagra kaufen 10mg Footnotes accepted november 1, 1968. Copyrighted 1969 by the radiological society of north america, inc. buy viagra Citeulike connotea delicious digg facebook google+ twitter what's this? â« previous | next article â» table of contents this article doi: 10. 1148/92. 6. order viagra 1184 may 1969 radiology, 92, 1184-1187. viagra jellies next day delivery â» excerpt full text (pdf) classifications article services email this article to a friend alert me when this article is cited alert me if a correction is posted alert me when eletters are published similar articles in this journal similar articles in web of science similar articles in pubmed download to citation manager rights and permissions responses submit a response no responses. viagra jellies next day delivery